First Time Lesbian Experience With An Escort

Lily Affordable London Escorts

The last time that I was in London, my boyfriend decided to treat me to an escort from Affordable London Escorts. It’s true that I had admitted to him that I was curious about other women, but I was still shocked by his gesture. Too embarrassed to hit on any girls back home and too prone to jealousy to agree to a threesome, I thought my girl/girl fantasy would never really come to pass.

Once Lily arrived, my boyfriend simply smiled, pointed to the cash, and left. She seemed surprised that he wasn’t staying. At first, I thought she looked like a stuck up bitch, but a gorgeous stuck up bitch. Then I realized I felt insecure next to her. Lily sensed it and started complimenting me. Moving in close and speaking with almost a purr to her voice, she helped me undress.

Lily started touching me, watching my face to see my reaction as she slid two fingers into my excited pussy. Then she fingered me while sucking my nipples. I knew I should be touching her back, but it took several minutes before I did because I was enjoying her touch so much.

We made our way to the bed where her clothes came off and I caressed her lovely breasts before going down on her. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget, and after discovering my sneaky boyfriend had hidden a few cameras, I can watch it any time I want.

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